The Market
There is no question that the world’s need for energy will continue to increase over the next 20 years and that America will be responsible for satisfying much of this demand. Colorado is positioned to become a leader in promoting clean renewable sources of energy.

In 2009 Colorado kept a razor sharp focus in building the New Energy Economy as a strategy for spurring green jobs and economic development amidst the economic recession, according to advocates and businesses at a state capitol briefing on the 2009 legislative session. In 2004 Colorado voters
passed Amendment 37 requiring that our state's utilities generate 10% of electricity from renewable sources by 2015. By 2020, oil is still expected to provide about 40% of the world’s total energy supply, and natural gas, 30%.

Renewable energies are currently at 25% and we are ready to hold negotiations to reach a consensus at the political level. We welcome the presence of the international power companies in the field of energy exploration and exploitation.

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