The company’s vision is to bring in harmony planned development of renewable energy production with the environment utilizing technologies that are environmentally and ecologically oriented with conservation of our natural resources. Our focus is to expand sustainable renewable energy production in an efficient, cost effective manner and availability in accordance with to our
business plan.
The Company's mission is to increase shareholder returns, primarily through strategically acquiring assets, maximizing the value of the assets andstimulating cash flow from the Company's assets. To achieve this, American Global System Inc.’s corporate strategy is to implement cost effective, cutting edge technology to strategically grow the Company’s asset base, to increase acquisition of selectively proved reserves and enhance renewable energy productions.

The company’s enhanced renewable energy technologies and methods effectively exploit the potential and will focus on future development of its existing and future sites American Global System Inc. believes that its primary strength is the fact that it is a renewable enery company that maintains ongoing technological R&D centers and utilizes its own inhouse technology. Its focus on cost effective and efficient energy technologies designed to supply energy at a fraction of the cost.
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